The facts:

-Founded and established in 2005

-Owned and managed by 2 French directors

-International sales team from Germany, France and China

-Factory staff: 200

-Office staff: 25

-Current monthly capacity: 280,000 pcs

-Factory space: 4000 square meters

-Production capacity – Sewing Machines: 325

-Weaving Workshop: 40 % – 112,000 pcs

-Knitting Workshop: 60% 168,000 pcs

Weyes Clothing is a leading manufacturer of Street, Fitness and Sportswear. Strategically located in the Garment Industry Zone of Zhongshan City, Weyes Clothing can provide highly skilled labor & is in close distance to China’s biggest fabric markets.

Weyes Clothing serves international brand names all around the world !

With over 10 years in the garment industry, we can ensure the highest quality while still providing a competitive price from China. Our factory covers more than 4000 square meters and we have set up a comprehensive lab testing facility with our own in-house textile engineers, designers and merchandisers.

Weyes Clothing serves international brand names all around the world, with the majority of customers beeing in North America, South America & Europe.

Contact us now and be serviced by one of our English, French, German and Chinese speaking staff.